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How i Died Episode #106 – Responsibility

Jon’s secret is exposed, the mysterious voice is revealed, and Ray has been hiding his own secrets. The strange happenings in Springfield are getting a little bit stranger. 

How I Died is an Audiohm Media original production, co-starring Vince Dajani as Jon Spacer and Shaina Waring as Sheriff Fran Crowley. 

This episode featured an amazing guest performance by Ray Snoke as Ray Melba; Victoria Cherichetti as Amelia; David Dixon as Curtis.

Transcript available here.

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How i Died is a fully-cast murder mystery podcast following forensic Pathologist, Jon Spacer, as he solves crimes by talking to the ghost of the victim during the autopsy. With a skeptical sheriff always looking over Jon’s shoulder, a potential serial killer on the loose, and victims who don’t always want to tell the truth, moving to Springfield might be the worst decision Jon’s ever made.

This little town not only boasts an unusually high mortality rate in the US, it also has some of the strangest ways to die.

Audio editing and sound design was done by Vince Dajani with mastering done by Alexander Mark. Sound effects and foley provided by Freesound.org or created in house at Audiohm media.

The How I Died theme song was created by Mike Lynch at SilentMikeMusic.com. Thank you again for listening, and until next episode: Try not to die. 

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